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5th of June 2013, Warszawa, IPR workshop of the SENERES project

On the 5th of June 2013 in the Institute of Power Engineering there was organized a workshop titled intellectual property rights protection in energy related research – processes of research commercialization in the Institute of Power Engineering.

The scope of the workshop covered innovation strategies and processes of commercialization of the results of research works and inventions in the Institute of Power Engineering. The meeting was run by Luk Palmen, CEO of InnoCo Sp. z o.o.

The workshop was realized within the project: „Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre SENERES” financed by the Euroepan 7. Framework Programme funds.

Below a short photo-report from the meeting.

February 6, 2013, SENERES project scientific seminar

The scientific seminar titled "Materials, processes and fuels for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells" was held on February 6, 2013 at the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw. The seminar was organised in the frames of the SENERES project realisation. The seminar was attended among others by Peter Płaza (TU Delft, The Netherlands), dr. Irene Malpartida Garcia (Universidad de Málaga, Spain), dr. Yevgeniy Naumovich (University of Aveiro, Portugal) and dr. Carlo Resini (Genoa, Italy).

The seminar agenda

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7th-9th of January 2013, Rynia near Warsaw, the Seminar on the Key Project “Model agro – energetic complexes"

On the 7th-9th of January 2013 in the training facility ALLIANZ in Rynia, near Warsaw, there was organized the seminar entitled “Model agro – energetic complexes as an example of distributed cogeneration based on local and renewable energy sources”. The seminar was organized under the Key Project No. WND-POIG.01.01.02-00-016/08, with same title as the seminar.

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The event was on opportunity to host the representatives of all units included in the project consortium. The meeting was attended by professor Jan Kiciński (IMP PAN), the project coordinator, professor Jarosław Mikielewicz (IMP PAN) and professor Janusz Gołaszewski (UWM).


The seminar started with an off-site session combined with visiting of Fuel Preparation Laboratory of the Institute in Mory. The meeting was hosted by the director of the Institute Jacek Wańkowicz.



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The invited guests had an opportunity to visit the installations for preparation and refractionation of carbon dust, installation for fuel preparation (from biomass and biodegradable waste in the form of dust, pellets and briquettes). All questioned were answered by Tomasz Golec – the head of Thermal Division of the Institute and Grzegorz Nehrig, the manager of the task in the Key Project.

More information about the Laboratory is available on the website:



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The second part of the meeting was held in Rynia, near Warsaw – it was training and information part. Two days were devoted to summarizing and analysing of the progress of research – implementation works in the field of agro – energetic complexes and distributed cogeneration.






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The seminar scope included following topics:

-Biomass gasification. Biomass and its heating value, biomass pre-treatment, gasification process parameters, design works;
-Biogas and biomass: biomass production technologies, heating value of plant raw material and organic waste, pre-treatment



The project coordinator profesor Jak Kiciński in the summary part expressed his satisfaction from the progress made in the various tasks.