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EMS – Electric Machines Laboratory

The Electric Machines Laboratory conducts research related to large synchronous generators, measurement and analysis of vibration and noise, and electric energy quality testing.

The Laboratory performs:

  • diagnostic and operational investigations of electrical machines - especially vibroacoustic and thermal investigations of large electrical generators,
  • supervision of the implementation of new and modernization of old synchronous generators,
  • measurements, regular tests and delivery tests of electrical machines,
  • disaster recovery tests of generators and cooperating elements,
  • measurement and analysis of electric energy quality parameters in low and medium-voltage networks,
  • on-line partial discharge measurements.

The Laboratory is equipped  with special instruments suitable for measurement of electrical, acoustic and vibration parameters. It also has a special computer software to perform different kinds of measurement and diagnostic analyses.

The Laboratory is ready to conduct research of large electrical machines, equipment for industrial application and energy quality studies: voltage and current distortion in national power grid and in local grids.    

Most works performed by Laboratory personnel is carried out at energy and industrial facilities (power plants, power distribution companies). Special analysis of parameters recorded during tests are performed in the Laboratory, possessing specialized measuring systems equipped with high-class research equipment as well as measurement and calibration instruments.

The Laboratory team has a long term research measurement and diagnostic experience.

The head of the laboratory is Marcin Biernacki, M. Sc.