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EWP – High Current Laboratory

The High Current Laboratory conducts research and development works in the field of high, medium and low voltage machinery and equipment for the power sector. The ongoing works cover in particular studies of switchgear, transformer stations, earthing, connectors, cable accessories and other network elements and equipment.
The laboratory is accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation No AB 323 in the area of electrical, electronic and mechanical studies as well as metallographic testing of electrical, telecommunications and electronic equipment and products.
The head of the Laboratory is Mr Maciej Owsiński MSc.
High-Current Laboratory
01-330 Warsaw
Mory 8 Street, building F
Ph.: +48 797 905 315
Head of Laboratory
Maciej Owsiński M.Sc.Eng
mobile: +48 797 905 326
Head of Department of Technical Affairs
Mariusz Sul M.Sc.Eng
Mobile: +48 797 905 318
Quality Manager
Agata Kobylińska MA
mobile: +48 797 905 329
Radosław Szkiela
mobile: +48 797 905 305
Jacek Tymochowicz M.Sc.Eng
Mobile: +48 797 905 338
Grzegorz Zaboklicki
Moblie: +48 797 905 205


The Laboratory is accredited by the Polish Accreditation Centre (PCA).
Accreditation number: AB 323.
 The certificate is valid untill 27.12.2019
 Areas of Research:
  • J/6. Mechanical testing of electrical equipment and products
  • E/6. Electrical testing of electrical equipment and products
Scope of accreditation: AB 323 (in Polish)