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The visit of German Ambassador and Hamburg's Mayor in the Institute of Power Engineering

2021 / 11 / 29

On the 24th of November 2021 the Institute of Power Engineering hosted the Ambassador of Germany to Poland Dr. Arndt Freytag von Loringhoven and the First Mayor of Hamburg Mr. Peter Tschentscher on his short visit to Warsaw. International guests were welcomed and guided by the Institute's Deputy Director and Head of Center for Hydrogen Technologies - CTH2 and Thermal Processes Department.



14th International Symposium SYMKOM 2020/2021 IMP²

2021 / 11 / 03

On the 20-22 of October 2021 there was held the 14th International Symposium SYMKOM 2020/2021 IMP² in Gdańsk. During the conference researchers from IEn's Thermal Technology Branch ITC in Łódź (Jacek Karczewski, Joanna Kopania i Patryk Gaj) delivered their scientific presentations.


The letter of intent for the Mazovian Hydrogen Valley

2021 / 10 / 27

On the 20th of October 2021 the  letter of intent for the establishment of the Mazovian Hydrogen Valley was signed in Plock with the leading role of PKN Orlen. The company is to be responsible for, among other things, establishing the Valley, defining its goals and preparing its action strategy. The Institute of Power Engineering is among 16 signing entities. Prof. Tomasz Gałka, the Director of the Institute of Power Engineering signed the document during the event.



Kick-off meeting of IEn's project - VETNI

2021 / 10 / 13

30 września 2021 roku odbyło sie spotkanie kick-off, rozpoczynające nowy projekt VETNI z udziałem Instytutu Enrgetyki. Grupa LOTOS, w konsorcjum z Instytutem Energetyki oraz Akademią Górniczo-Hutniczą im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie, uruchomiła nowy projekt wodorowy o wartości blisko 10 mln zł. Jego celem jest skonstruowanie pilotażowej instalacji w oparciu o elektrolizery stałotlenkowe (SOE). W spotkaniu udział wzięła Dyrekcja Instytutu Enrgetyki oraz pracownicy realizujący projekt z Zakładu Wysokotemperaturowych Procesów Elektrochemicznych (CPE).


New publication co-authored by IEn researchers in Energy

2021 / 09 / 14

New publication entitled "Mathematical approaches to modelling the mass transfer process in solid oxide fuel cell anode" was published in a highly-ranked magazine Energy. The article was co-authored by Marcin Blesznowski (PhD) and Prof. Jakub Kupecki from IEn's HiTEP. The publication discusses results of a comprehensive analysis of anodes of SOFC in order to develop new CFD tool for studies of mass transport in porous structures. As a results of combining experimental and numerical techniques, model which enables reduction of cost and time required for the optimization of the mass transport process through SOC's porous electrode was proposed and validated.


New publication by IEn researchers

2021 / 09 / 06

In the magazine Rynek Energii (4 /155, August 2021) there has been published the article prepared by researchers from IEn's Mechanical Division. The authors - Marcin Maternicki, Jacek Grodzicki, Krzysztof Romaniuk and Marek Rusiniak published their work entitled: Effect of metallographic research method on material life assessment. The article presents the relation between material life assessment as a result of metallographic research and the methods of specimen preparation and the equipment used, on an example of three component steels (Cr-Mo-V), type 14MoV6-3 (13HMF), and two components steels (Cr-Mo), type 10CrMo9-10 (10H2M).



Annual 2020 Report of the Institute of Power Engineering

2021 / 06 / 30

The annual 2020 report of the Institute of Power Engineering has been recently published. This richly illustrated report contains important information about the structure and research units of the Institute (their range of activities and research methods) and on activities of the Institute in 2020. The report contains a list of implemented statutory works, projects, international and national, the most important research and development and expertise, publications, patents, and accredited laboratories of the Institute. The report also contains employment statistics and financial results of the Institute in 2020.


New publication by IEn researchers in Renewable Energy magazine

2021 / 04 / 24

In a highly ranked magazine Renewable Energy (IF 6,274, 140 p. MNiSW) there has been published the article entitled Investigation of off-design characteristics of solid oxide electrolyser (SOE) operating in endothermic conditions. The authors of this article are researchers from IEn's Department of High Temperature Electrochemical Processes: Konrad Motyliński, Michał Wierzbicki, prof. Jakub Kupecki and Stanisław Jagielski.


Director of the Institute of Power Engineering appointed as a member of International Scientific Council of the Priority Research Area Climate and environmental protection, modern energy

2021 / 01 / 12

Director of the Institute of Power Engineering, prof. Tomasz Gałka, was appointed by the Dean of Silesian University of Technology as a member of the International Scientific Advisory Board for the Priority Research Area ( Priorytetowy Obszar Badawczy - POB) Climate and environmental protection, modem energy declared by the Silesian University of Technology in the Initiative of Excellence - Research University Programme. The energy sector is a key industry with a great impact on the socio-economic system. Environmental protection and climate change control are priorities in the pursuit of sustainable development.



Artykuł naukowców z Zakładu Izolacji IEn w Poznaniu (kopia)

2021 / 01 / 12

In the magazine IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation there has been published the article entitled: Evaluation of Stator Winding Insulation Using a Synchronous Multi-Channel PD Technique. Co-authors of this paper are researchers from IEn's Insulation Department in Poznań - Jerzy Nadaczny i Bartłomiej Pawlik. In the paper, a partial discharge system for effective off-line and on-line diagnosis of stator winding insulation is presented.