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Annual Report 2016

2017 / 09 / 05

The e-version of IEn's 2016 Annual Report has been published ( It contains the most essential information abour the structure, research departments of the Intitute of Power Engineering. It focuses on the scope of activites and reseach methods performed and developed in 2016. The Report is the most current database of knowledge about the Institute.



Cooperation between the Institute of Power Engineering and the Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering)

2017 / 08 / 08

Director of the Institute of Power Engineering Tomasz Gałka (PhD) and Vice-Rector for Scientific Affairs of Warsaw University of Technology prof Rajmund Bacewicz signed the intention letter of cooperation between IEn and the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering.


46th CENERG Newsletter

2017 / 07 / 25

The 46th CENERG Newsletter has been published by IEn's Energy Research Integration Centre CENERG. It contains issues about new ways to remove nitrogen oxides from the flue gases, next steps in the use of tides and changes in the science funding rules. The Newsletter also includes an overview of current national and international calls as well as a calendar of incoming energy research events.


12th National Conference on Science and Technology "Progress in Applied Electrotechnics" in Kościelisko

2017 / 07 / 17

On the 25th-30th of June 2017, the 12th National Conference on Science and Technology "Progress in Applied Electrotechnics" was held in Koscielisko, south of Poland. The conference was attended by researchers from the Institute of Power Engineering: Maciej Owsiński (EWP) and Jacek Karczewski (PhD, OTC-Łódź), who delivered lectures: A. Łasica, P. Sul, G. Matusiak, M. Owsiński: Laboratory tests of face shields against the thermal effects of electric arc and J. Karczewski, P. Shuman: Study of the correct operation of UAR power unit using the simulator of the actual control object.


VULKANO - workshop presentation

2017 / 07 / 03

On the 27th of June 2017 in the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences (IPPT PAN) there was held a workshop entitled How to effectively apply for competitions NMBP 2018-20. Maria Kaska (IEn, CENERG) participated in the meeting, delivering her presentation: Road to Success - VULKANO project. The workshop was organized by the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union.


International conference on Monitoring Condition in London

2017 / 06 / 21

On the 13-16th of June 2017 the First World Congress on Condition Monitoring was held at the ILEC Conference Center in London. It was the continuation of previous international conference Monitoring Condition. The conference was attended by Prof Tomasz Gałka, director of the Institute of Power Engineering. He presented the paper On the problem of detecting abrupt changes in the time histories of diagnostic symptoms.


EERA Summer Strategy Meeting in Vienna

2017 / 06 / 05

EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) Summer Strategy Meeting was held on 30-31 May 2017 at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Vienna (Austria). The meeting was attended by members of EERA Executive Committee, personal representatives to the Executive Committee, co-ordinators of EERA Joint Research Programs and representatives of the European Commission. On behalf of the Institute of Power Engineering, the meeting was attended by prof. Tomasz Gałka, director of IEn, member of the EERA Executive Committee and Andrzej Sławiński (PhD), representative of the director of international cooperation, personal representative.



Marcin Lizer was granted a PhD

2017 / 05 / 15

Marcin Lizer, a researcher from the Electric Power Engineering Automation Laboratory, was granted a doctoral degree in technical sciences. Public defense of his dissertation titled " "Impedance backup protection of power generation units during external disturbances" was held on the 10th of May 2017 in the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw. The supervisor of the work was Prof. Zbigniew Lubosny (Gdansk University of Technology), and reviewers Prof. Désiré Dauphin Rasolomampionon (Warsaw University of Technology) and Prof. Eugeniusz Rosolowski (Wroclaw University of Technology).


New Department in the Institute of Power Engineering

2017 / 05 / 15

According to the Disposition of the Director of the Institute of Power Engineering No. 4/2017 of April 27, 2017, the Department of High-Temperature Electrochemistry Processes (CPE) was established in IEn's Thermal Division. The head of the Department is Jakub Kupecki (PhD).