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Power Engineer’s Day

2013 / 08 / 21

We would like to wish all power engineering branch workers  a lot of satisfaction, may your dreams come true!


Meeting of the partners of MILESECURE-2050 project

2013 / 08 / 06

On 16th and 17th of July 2013 in the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw there was organized a meeting of the project MILESECURE – 2050 „Multidimensional Impact of the Low-carbon European Strategy on Energy Security, and Socio-Economic Dimension up to 2050 perspective”  partners.  The meeting was organized by team of CENERG together with Royal Turin Polytechnic. The meeting was led by the coordinator of the project professor Patrizia Lombardi form Turin Polytechnic, in the meeting participated partners from Italy (POLITO, ENEA, LSC), Netherlands (MUST), France (SMASH), Great Britain (USAL), Austria (PLUS), Belgium (JRC), Germany (ECOLOGIC) and Poland (Institute of Power Engineering, EnergSys).


Pierre Laconte: Towards Sustainability in European Cities Contrasts between the Overall Effects of European Union Policies and Achievements at the Level of Individual Cities

2013 / 07 / 29

Dear Sir or Madam, below there is presented a translation of Piere Laconte article “Towards Sustainability in European Cities Contrasts between the Overall Effects of European Union Policies and Achievements at the Level of Individual Cities”. Pierre Laconte is a member of an Advisory Committee of MILESECURE – 2050 project, which the Institute of Power Engineering participates in. Pierre Laconte participated in the organized recently by CENERG team meeting of the project.  


The monograph of Tomasz Gałka „Evolution of Symptoms in Vibration-Based Turbomachinery Diagnostics”

2013 / 07 / 12

By the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute, in the series “Biblioteka Problemów Eksploatacji” there was published a monograph, titled  Evolution of Symptoms in Vibration-Based Turbomachinery Diagnostics, authored by Dr Tomasz Gałka (Power Station Thermal Equipment Diagnostics Laboratory)


The Seminar of ESSENCE Project

2013 / 07 / 09

On the 25th of June 2013 in Novara, Universita del Piemonte Orientale there was organized a seminar on "Potential impact of security measures for power systems controls". The seminar was organized by the project ESSENCE consortium - Emerging security standards to the EU power network controls and other critical equipment. Dr Hanna Bartoszewicz-Burczy representing the Energy Economics Laboratory of the Institute of Power Engineering participated in the seminar.


The article of the employees of IEn employees in the journal ECS Transactions

2013 / 07 / 05

In the journal ECS Transactions, issued by The Electrochemical Society there was published an article Evaluation of Sensitivity of a Micro-CHP Unit Performance to SOFC Parameters concerning numerical research of the influence of SOFCs material parameters on performance of micro-CHP, authored by the employees of the Fuel Cells Laboratory of the Institute of Power Engineering (Jakub Kupecki and Dr Janusz Jewulski) and the Institute of Heat Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology (Dr Jarosław Milewski and Krzysztof Badyda).


Meeting of the EERA Alliance Executive Committee in Almeria (Spain)

2013 / 07 / 01

On the 26th and 27th of June 2013, in Almeria (Spain), there was organized the next meeting of the Executive Committee of European Energy Research Alliance EERA. The Institute of Power Engineering, which has been for four years a member of the Committee, was represented by Dr Andrzej Sławiński. The meeting was  devoted to the discussion on future strategic actions taken by EERA: research cooperation of EU member states in the area of energy research, cooperation of EERA members in realization of Joint Research Programmes, future research financing model within EERA, the legal status of EERA and possibilities of increasing its cooperation with industry. The participants of the meeting had also an opportunity to visit to objects, using concentrated solar energy to generate electricity: research centre Platforma Solar de Almeria and Andasol Solar Power Station, close to Granada.


Strong interest in the work concerning mathematical modelling of SOFC

2013 / 06 / 28

Last October there was published  a monograph Clean Energy for Better Environment.  Jakub Kupecki, Dr Janusz Jewulski Fuel Cells Laboratory and Dr Jaroław Milewski (The Institute of Heat Engineering) are the authors of the chapter devoted to modelling of SOFCs (Chapter 4 Multi-Level Mathematical Modeling of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells). The monograph is available also in electronic form at the website of InTech. Chapter 4. is very popular - the number of views and downloads have already exceeded respectively 1000 and 400.


New 2013 Calls for Experienced Researchers

2013 / 06 / 19

The Institute of Power Engineering has launched the new Call for Experienced Researchers to fill a research and development position in the following areas: energy generation from biomass, clean coal technologies and SOFC systems.