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Common publication of the researchers of AGH, ICSC PAS and the Institute of Power Engineering

2013 / 05 / 01

In the International Journal of Electrochemical Science there was released a new publication concerning the research in the area of Direct Carbon Fuel Cells, authored by the researchers AGH University of Science and Technology, of Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences. The publication is co-authored by the scientists of the Fuel Cells Laboratory of IEn: MSc Eng. Marek Skrzypkiewicz and PhD Eng. Janusz Jewulski (COP).


The Institute of Power Engineering in year 2012

2013 / 04 / 28

There was released the annual report of the Institute of Power Engineering for year 2012. The report included the most important information about the research units of the Institute (scope of work, the research methods) and their activities in year 2012.


Meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute

2013 / 04 / 27

On the 23th of April there was held a meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Power Engineering. The participants observed a minute’s silence  in memory to recently deceased professor Andrzej Piłatowicz. The council congratulated the director of the Institute Jacek Wańkowicz on the occasion of awarding the title of professor.


The 3rd Euroepan Energy Research Alliance EERA Annual congress in Brussels

2013 / 04 / 26

A third annual congress of European Energy Research Alliance EERA this year was organized on 18th - 19th of April 2013 in Brussles. The aim of the congress was to enable meetings of the representatives of 150 European Institutions, interested in development of energy research and also discussion on current and future opportunities and challenges in that field.


Meeting of the EERA Alliance Executive Committee in Brussels

2013 / 04 / 25

On the 17th of Aprill 2013 in Brussels there was held a meeting of th EERA  Alliance Executive Committee. During the meeting there was discussed the issue of vesting legal personality to EERA and also the Research Programs functioning within EERA were evaluated.


A milestone in the development of fuel cells technology

2013 / 04 / 15

During the conducted in the Institute of Power Engineering tests  of  Direct Carbon Fuel Cell (DCFC), in a half scale, there were obtained the densities of generated electrical power above 0,15 W/cm2 in the carbon fuel batch mode.


New publication in an international magazine Electrochimica Acta co-authored by IEn's researcher

2013 / 04 / 10

Michał Struzik (PhD) from Fuel Cells Laboratory is the co-author of a new publication in a highly ranked international magazine  Electrochimica Acta.

The article aims at determining physical and chemical properties of a new type of proton membranes and their potential application in fuel cells.


Congratulations to the director Jacek Wańckowicz from Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński and Minister Barbara Kudrycka

2013 / 04 / 05

On the occasion of awarding the title of professor, the director of the Institute of Power Engineering Jacek Wańkowicz has received congratulations from the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński and the Minister of Science and Higher Education, professor Barbara Kudrycka.


Fuel Analysis Laboratory has been accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation

2013 / 04 / 04

Fuel Analysis Laboratory passed successfully the verification assessment and has received the accreditation of Polish Centre for Accreditation. The Laboratory provides services, cooperates with electric power plants, boiler manufacturers, private fuel supplier and research units.


New April issue of CENERG Newsletter

2013 / 04 / 03

The new April issue of CENERG Newsletter has been issued.