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Meeting of EERA Executive Committee in Brussels

2018 / 11 / 14

On October 31, 2018, the next meeting of the European Energy Research Alliance EERA was held in Brussels. The meeting was attended by members of EERA Executive Committee representing the largest research centers in the area of energy from 15 European countries. The Institute of Power Engineering, represented by Andrzej Sławiński (PhD), deputy director of IEn for cooperation and development.



HyLAW project Seminar

2018 / 11 / 08

On the 21st of November 2018 the Institute of Power Engineering will organise HyLAW project Seminar Identification of legal rules and administrative processes applicable to Fuel Cell and Hydrogen technologies’ deployment, identification of legal barriers and advocacy towards their removal devoted to the status of hydrogen technologies and suggestions to overcome national barriers that slow down their development in Poland and in Europe.


Contemporary Problems in Thermal Engineering (CPOTE 2018)

2018 / 10 / 23

On 18-21 of October in Gliwice there was held the conference on Contemporary Problems in Thermal Engineering (CPOTE 2018). Jakub Kupecki (PhD) (CPE) took part in it and presented two papers on CPE's research related to improving the performance of systems with SOFCs through the use of refrigeration systems for the recovery of depleted fuel from exhaust gases of fuel cell stacks and analysis of the efficiency of power-to-gas installations with SOE cell.



New head of IEn's High Voltage Department (EWN)

2018 / 10 / 04

On the 1st of October 2018 Joanna Czupryńska has been appointed for the position of the head of IEn's High Voltage Department (EWN).

Profesor J.L. Mikulski has become an expert (DZE-4) in IEn's Experts Group.


Prestigious award of the Royal Chemical Society awarded to researchers of the Institute of Power Engineering

2018 / 10 / 04

On the 17-20th of September 2018 in Warsaw, there was held the autumn edition of the European Conference of the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) - Fall Meeting 2018.The event was attended by researchers of the Department of Hightemperature Electrochemical Processes (CPE) from the Institute of Power Engineering: Marek Skrzypkiewicz, Agnieszka Żurawska (PhD) and Jakub Kupecki (PhD). In this year's edition of the event, researchers of CPE presented results of research on the production of hydrogen and synthetic fuels, in particular, results of the implementation of statutory works.


A ceremonial gala of awarding diplomas to scholars from the Polish-American Fulbright Commission

2018 / 09 / 25

On the 14th of September 2018 in Warsaw there was organised the ceremonial gala of handing diplomas to scholars of the Polish-American Fulbright Commission in the academic year 2017/2018. During the event, the diploma was received by Jakub Kupecki (PhD) from the Department of Hightemperature Electrochemical Processes (CPE), the Institute of Power Engineering.


New publication of IEn researchers in Applied Energy

2018 / 09 / 17

In a higly ranked magazine Applied Energy (IF 7.900) there has been published the article entited: Numerical model of planar anode supported solid oxide fuel cell fed with fuel containing H2S operated in direct internal reforming mode (DIR-SOFC). Researchers from the Department of Hightemperature Electrochemical Processes are co-authors of this article: Jakub Kupecki (PhD), Yevgeniy Naumovich (PhD), Marcin Błesznowski (PhD) and Konrad Motyliński.