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International Power Industry Fair ENERGTAB 2018

2018 / 09 / 13

On the 11-13th of September 2018 in Bielsko-Biała there was organised the International Power Industry Fair ENERGTAB 2018. The Institute of Power Engineering presented its products and services during the Fair.tl_files/zdjecia/Aktualnosci 2018/2018-09-12 ENERGTAB 2018/Pawilon_ZD-1.jpg

ENERGETAB is the largest trade fair of modern appliances, apparatus and technologies for power industry in Poland. It is one of the most important regular meetings of the leading representatives of the power sector. The exhibition area covers more than 30 000 sq m of exhibit space in a modern exhibit hall, tent pavilions, as well as in the open area, where the largest and heaviest exhibits can be located.The exposition covers the following areas: transmission, distribution and supply of electrical power and heat; generation of electrical power and heat; electrical engineering and industrial electronics.

The Institute of Power Engineering's offer was presented in the main hall of the Fair on a specially desiged stand.  Additionally IEn's Prototype Production Branch in Białystok displayed its products in a separate fair tent.

As every year, the fair was accompanied by conferences, presentations and promotional seminars. Detailed lists and information about conferences, seminars, occasional meetings and other interesting events organized during the fair were published on the website.

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