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Meeting of EERA Executive Committee in Brussels

2018 / 11 / 14

On October 31, 2018, the next meeting of the European Energy Research Alliance EERA was held in Brussels. The meeting was attended by members of EERA Executive Committee representing the largest research centers in the area of energy from 15 European countries. The Institute of Power Engineering, represented by Andrzej Sławiński (PhD), deputy director of IEn for cooperation and development.

During the meeting, there were presented updates on preparations for signing the Memorandum of Understanding between EERA and DG ENERG of the European Commission. Currently, EERA cooperation framework with DG ENER is formulated. Under these arrangements, EERA is to serve as an advisor in the formulation of the EU 2050 Energy and Climate Strategy.

During the meeting, issues of EERA management were also discussed, the status of projects prepared by EERA Secretariat, and dissemination plans of EERA (newsletter, website, position paper, etc.) as well as forthcoming events with the participation of EERA were presented. There was also made a suggestion to set up another joint research program on hydropower JP Hydro.

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) is an alliance of European public research centres and universities. It is one of the cornerstones of the European Integrated Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan). EERA brings together around 250 research centres and universities across 30 countries. Actively working together in currently 16 joint research programmes (EERA Joint Programmes), they build on national research initiatives and work on shared priorities and research projects. The EERA Joint Programmes are aligned with the priorities for low carbon technologies defined in the EU SET-Plan. EERA works together with industry stakeholders to coordinate research and innovation priorities. This collaboration aims to foster world-class technology and innovation in Europe’s energy sector, and to reduce the time-to-market for technologies. The Institute of Power Engineering is a member of the EERA Executive Committee continuously since 2009.


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