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MILESECURE-2050 - new FP7 project in IEn

2013 / 01 / 14

In the next few days, the realization of a new project, involving the Institute of Power Engineering, is planned to start. The project is called MILESECURE-2050: „Multidimensional Impact of the Low-carbon European Strategy on Energy SECURity, and socio-Economic dimension up to 2050 perspective”. Project proposal was submitted last year within the call FP7-SSH-2012-2, of FP7, specific programme  Social Sciences and Humanities. The European Commission contribution to the programme budget is 2,3 million Euro.

The main aim of the project is to analyse and evaluate a multidimensional impact of European low-carbon strategy applied to energy technologies on energy security and socio-economic dimension up to 2050 perspective. 

The project is coordinated by the Royal Turin Polytechnic (Polito, Italy). There are two Polish partners participating in the project: Institute of Power Engineering and EnergSys company, 3 Italian participants: POLITO, ENEA, LSC and one participant from each of the following countries: Netherlands (MUSTS), Great Britain (USAL), Austria(PLUS), Germany (ECOLOGIC), France (CIRED) and Joint Research Centre with the head office in Belgium.  CENERG is the unit of Institute of Power Engineering involved in the project realization.

The first project consortium meeting will be held on the 21st of February 2013 in Turin.

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