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IEn's Award at the International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2019

2019 / 10 / 01

The 32nd International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2019 was held in Bielsko Biala (Poland) on the 17-19th of September 2019. ENERGETAB is the largest trade fair of modern appliances, apparatus and technologies for power industry in Poland. The Institute of Power Engineering was represented by researchers from the Central Unit, Gdańsk Branch and Prototype Production Branch in Białystok. One of the most prestigious awards at the trade fair competition - the Minister of Energy Award - was granted to the Prototype Production Branch of the Institute of Power Engineering in Bialystok for their RPZ-24 outdoor switch disconnector. Krzysztof Kobyliński, Bialystok's Branch Director collected the award. Congratulations to creators of the awarded product.

Among the 724 exhibitors from 24 countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA, we will host well-known international corporations supplying a full range of products to global markets, as well as the most significant domestic suppliers of the most technologically advanced machines, devices and apparatus serving the reliable and efficient production and delivery of the electric energy.

The Fair is frequented by a large number of visitors and covers the area of more than 35 000 sq m of exhibit space in a recently constructed, modern exhibit hall, tent pavilions, as well as in the open area, where the largest and heaviest exhibits can be located.

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