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New publication in the scientific magazine Przegląd Elektrotechniczny

2020 / 08 / 11

In the scientific magazine entitled Przegląd Elektrotechniczny (04/2020) there has been published the article co-authored by Maciej Owsiński, researcher from the Institute of Power Engineering, head of High Current Laboratory. The article is entitled "Excitation type and results of simulated electric field distribution in MV cable termination".

The article discusses the differences in the results of the electric field simulation in a medium voltage heat-shrinkable cable termination with the most probable assembly faults. Two types of voltage excitation were set as the boundary condition for a model of a real object. The first was a typical electrostatic excitation, and the second was the AC voltage with mains frequency. Both were used for cable accessories with selected assembly omissions. Consideration of the effect of the excitation type suggests that for cable accessories, field simulation using only electrostatics leads to unreal results and incorrect inference about the location of zones with the highest electrical stresses.

Keywords: Cable termination, numerical simulation, electric field distribution, assembly fault

Authors: Maciej Ciuba , Michał Wojciechowski , Maciej Owsiński , Michał Borecki

Title: Excitation type and results of simulated electric field distribution in MV cable termination

Link to the article (pdf)

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