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New options for displaing measurements on 3D maps

2019 / 04 / 03

In October 2018 issue of Wiadomości Elektrotechniczne Magazine there has been published the article entitled Display of measurements on 3D maps written by Jacek Barański, researcher from the Automation and Protection Laboratory.

 he paper shows advantages of presentation of measurements on a moving object, using Google Earth 3D maps. The examples include an airplane trajectory (course and altitude), a skier ride (course and speed), street light intensity, a moving streetcar (speed, current consumption, voltage), a buried pipeline coating (potential difference). The records from a logger equipped with GPS receiver can be transferred onto the map.

Barański J., Wyświetlanie pomiarów na mapach trójwymiarowych, Wiadomości Elektrotechniczne, 2018, 10, 6-13

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