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Presentation of SENERES project during the ceremony of awarding scholarships of the German Environmental Foundation

2013 / 01 / 30

The ceremony of awarding scholarships of the German Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU), for the best Polish graduates from broadly understood field of environmental protection took place on the 1st of December 2012. The event was organised in the Journalist House, located at Foksal Street in Warsaw. Ph.D. Eng Izabela S. Pięta, who used to be a scholarship holder and is currently employed in Fuel Cell Laboratory, in the Thermal Division of the Institute of Power Engineering was present during the meeting. She presented SENERES project, financed within the 7th Framework Programme funds.

Ph.D Izabela S. Pięta is an expert in the field of catalysis processes in energy technologies, employed within SENERES project.  Scholarship holders, investors, entrepreneurs and managers of other projects were particularly interested in activities within SENERES.


Scholarship program DBU aims at educating Polish, highly professional experts in the field of environmental protection and to make it possible for graduates to start carrier in the sector of sustainable development and environmental protection. The Minister of the Environment - Marcin Korolec and the Minister of Science and Higher Education prof. Barbara Kudrycka, Ph.D. Eng., took patronage over the undertaking. The number of important guests were present during the December ceremony - professor  Maciej Nowicki, the Former Minister of the Environment and the founder of scholarship program,  Ph.D. Eng. Fritz Brickwedde  Secretary General of DBU, Anna Nowicka, the Chairman of the Nowicki Foundation (the institution that used to be responsible for the scholarship program), scholarship holders and number of other guests.



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