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Scientific article by IEn researchers in INSTAL magazine

2020 / 09 / 03

In the scientific magazine INSTAL there has been published the article written by IEn researchers - Roman Witkowski and Rafał Malinowski from Measuring Apparatus Laboratory as well as Tomasz Bakoń (SGGW). The article Superior measuring system for calibration of radiation thermometers presents the theoretical foundations, construction and laboratory verification of a prototype test stand for calibration of radiation thermometers with an accuracy better than 0.5°C.

 The stand was designed and built based on the idea of a virtual instrument. In the designed prototype, the digital processing of measurement data is carried out using a platform with an Arduino hardwear. This enabled calibration of radiation thermometers with any emissivity factor. After verifying the metrological properties of the test stand, the components of the uncertainty budget were determined, and a methodology for calibrating of radiation thermometers and thermal imaging cameras with the measurement range from -20°C to +80°C (in the range most often used by installers) was developed.

Witkowski R., Malinowski R., Bakoń T., Precyzyjny układ pomiarowy do wzorcowania termometrów radiacyjnych (Superior measuring system for calibration of radiation thermometers)

INSTAL,  06/2020, ss. 11-17 ISSN 1640-8160

DOI 10.36119/15.2020.6.1

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