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SENERES Scientific Seminar

2013 / 01 / 30

On the 6th of February 2013 a Scientific Seminar within the SENERES project will be organized in the Institute of Power Engineering. The seminar will concern issues connected with materials, processes and fuels used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs).   

The scope of the Seminar includes the following presentations of the invited guests and researchers of the Fuel Cells Laboratory:

  • Piotr Plaza, TU Delft/Faculty 3mE, Department of Process & Energy, Energy Technology Section, Delft, The Netherlands, Optimisation of Coal/Biomass/Waste Fuel Blends to Minimise Slagging and Fouling – Model Development and Validation,
  • Dr Irene Malpartida Garcia, Departamento de Ingeniería Química, Universidad de Málaga, Spain, Multicomponent FTIR-MS-GC gas measurements: Operando system,
  • Dr Yevgeniy Naumovich, University of Aveiro,  Department of Materials and Ceramic Engineering, Portugal, Oxide materials for high temperature solid state electrochemical devices: properties, conditions and requirement,
  • Dr Carlo Resini, Genoa, Italy, Heterogeneous catalysis for the Fuel Cells development,
  • Dr Janusz Jewulski, Fuel Cell Laboratory, The technologies for high efficiency, low emission, clean energy generation with fuel cells,
  • Dr Izabela S. Pięta, Fuel Cell Laboratory, Catalytic fuel preprocessing for high temperature fuel cells.

The SENERES  project "Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre” is the project funded by FP7 Capacities - Research Potential Programme. The aim of the project is to strengthen and develop the potential of the research and implementation works of the Institute of Power Engineering in the field of energy generation from biomass, clean coal technologies and fuel cells.

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