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VULKANO project meeting

2019 / 01 / 03

The partners of VULKANO project met in Rome the second week of December 2018 in Rome (RINA facilities) to share the activities carried out during the three years of life of VULKANO, as well as to plan the next year 2019 which will be the last execution. From this meeting, it is remarkable the great collaboration between the partners, the demonstration leaders and the solution developers, in order to address the technical challenges that the consortium must face in the coming months.

It was concluded that, although there is a great quantity of work tocarry out in the demonstration sites to implement the reclassification solutions and validate them later, there are some of them, such as the integrated modernization, which is ready to become real in the sector of ceramics and steel.

On the other hand, the validation of integrated retrofitting will be carried out in the three model sectors of the project: ceramics, steel and aluminum.

In addition, during 2019, numerous events and conferences have been foreseen at the national and international level of dissemination that will provide interested parties with information on the solution and validation at the demonstration sites, which include industry workshops in TORRECID (glass ceramic) and VALJI (steel box).

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