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Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure Director Deputy Director for Cooperation and Development Deputy Director for Economic Affairs Chief Accountant Thermal Division CPC – Thermal Processes Department Fuels Analysis Research Laboratory CUE – Power Engineering Equipment Research Department LG – Boilers and Heating Equipment Research  Laboratory LK – Boilers, Turbines, Heating and Dust Cleaning  Equipment and Dust-Gas Emissions Research Laboratory CG – Low-Power Heating Equipment  Centre CPE - Department of High Temperature Electrochemical Processes Electric Division EAE –  Electric Power Engineering Automation Laboratory EAZ – Automation and Protection Laboratory EI – Insulation  Department EMS – Electric Machines Laboratory EOS – Environmental Impact and Overvoltage Protection  Laboratory EUR – Distribution Equipment Laboratory EWP – High Current Laboratory EWN – High Voltage Department Mechanical Division MAP – Measuring Apparatus  Laboratory MBM – Materials Testing and Diagnostics Department MDT – Technical Diagnostics and Power Equipment Modernization Laboratory Administrative Departments DAW – Internal Auditor DDK – Human Resources Section DIT –  IT Section DPJ –  Representative for Quality Issues DRP – Solicitor DSB – Health and Safety Specialist GFK – Finance-Accounting Section FDE – Economic Section FZP – Public Procurement Secton TOM – Mory Technical Service TOS – Siekierki Technical Service CENERG – Energy Research Integration Centre DEE – Energy Economics Laboratory DZE  -  Experts Group DZC – Certification Department OC – Ceramic Branch CEREL in Boguchwała OG – Gdańsk Branch OTC – Thermal Technology Branch „ITC” in Łódź OTGiS – Heating and Sanitary Technology Branch in Radom ZD – Prototype Production Branch in Białystok