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OTC – Thermal Technology Branch „ITC” in Łódź

Thermal Technology Branch ITC in Łódź is engaged in activities connected with diagnostics, modernization and construction of boilers, turbines, fans and auxiliary equipment for the Polish energy sector. The following activities are conducted:

  •        Diagnostic of turbomachinery;
  •        Assessment of heating equipment;
  •        Control measurement of concentration, dust and gaseous pollutants emission;
  •        Noise and vibration study;
  •        Work in the field of electro-hydraulic turbines control.

Łódź branch consists of 2 laboratories:

  • Laboratory of examination of boilers, turbines, heating equipment, precipitators and dust emission;
  • Aeroacoustics Laboratory;

and Innovation and Implementation Department.

Thermal Technology Branch ITC in Łódź is involved in the cooperation with a number of research and industrial units.

The head of this Branch is dr. Jacek Karczewski, Ph.D.

Contact data:

Instytut Energetyki
Oddział Techniki Cieplnej
93-208 Łódź
113 Dąbrowskiego, Street
tel: (+48) 42 643 42 14
fax (+48) 42 643 45 19