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OTGiS – Heating and Sanitary Technology Branch in Radom

The Heating and Sanitary Technology Branch in Radom provides research and development works in the field of heating technology and equipment, factors harmful to human health in the workplace and disposal of noxious waste.

The Branch carries out investigations of thermostatic radiators, radiator valves, central heating equipment and water supply fittings. The unit has a unique in Eastern Europe chamber for heaters testing.

Tests allow to determine relationships between radiator thermal power and its geometrical dimensions, water volume and heater weight and thus energy efficiency of the heater.

Research Laboratory of Heaters and Fittings is certified by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

Researchers explore possibilities of utilization of fluid industrial wastes by electrocoagulation method. Oil emulsions are widespread technological fluids used in metal forming processes and have a very high chemical oxygen demand. Emulsions as wastes are considered hazardous and their disposal is a major economic problem.

In 2013, in frames of the project supported by structural funds, the chromatography laboratory for analyzing organic compounds and their composition was established. The laboratory applied a mass spectrometer coupled to a chromatograph. In this way possibilities of investigations of emulsions and oily waters structure have been obtained.

The Head of Radom Branch is PhD Zdzisław Celiński.

Contact details:

Instytut Energetyki - Instytut Badawczy
Oddział Techniki Grzewczej i Sanitarnej

26-610 Radom
8 Wilcza Street
tel. +48 362 44 01
fax +48 363 45 30

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