The Institute of Power Engineering - National Research Institute is primarily focused on the creation of new knowledge in a broad range of energy technologies by scientific research, development and demonstration activities as well as various types of measurements, tests, case studies and expert analysis. The activities and research carried out in the Institute are outcomes of scientific needs and also a direct response to expectations of the energy sector and other industrial sectors.

A wide range of the Institute’s activities includes among other the following areas:

1. New technologies of energy generation

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells SOFC and Direct Carbon Fuel Cells DCFC (material studies, new coatings and structures),
  • high efficiency integrated cogeneration units in distributed systems, combined heat and power generation (μ-CHP).

2. Increased use of renewable energy

  • electricity generation using biomass and waste (combustion, co-firing, gasification, pyrolysis),
  • development of technologies, equipment and systems for the energy generation from biogas,
  • integration of wind turbines and other renewable energy sources to power grids,
  • development of hydro-generators for hydropower plants.

3. Clean conversion of fossil fuels - clean coal technologies (coal and biomass co-firing, gasification, oxy-combustion, CO2 capture, reduction of NOx emission)

4. Modernization of power plants and their equipment

  • optimization of thermal-flow processes occurring in power boilers, new burners design, special manufacturing and implementation,
  • new construction of power and heating boilers - optimisation and applications,
  • evaluation of the technical condition and cooperation accuracy of power equipment (boilers, pipes, turbines),
  • elimination of adverse effects of corrosion and slagging,
  • research and analysis related to the large power synchronous generators,
  • measurement and analysis of vibration of rotating machines, in particular, steam turbines,
  • analysis of thermal and vibration effects in synchronous generators (turbogenerators and hydrogenerators).

5. Research on fuels quality (coal, biomass, municipal waste)

6. Support of the National Power System

  • new solutions for the power protection and automation,
  • testing of high and medium voltage electrical apparatus and equipments (short-circuit withstand tests, switching tests, temperature rise tests, internal arc test, dielectric tests, etc.), 
  • R&D in the field of devices and equipments of medium and low voltage,
  • research and evaluation of the effectiveness of overvoltage surge protection,
  • examining the impact of control systems on the power system stability,
  • studying properties of insulators for power system.

7. The development of smart energy networks (Smart Grids)

8. Operational tests and diagnosis of electric machines used in industrial plants

9. Research, development and expertise related to the impact of electrical and radio and telecommunications devices on the environment

10. Services for the calibration of measuring instruments

11. Material and resistance diagnosis of  energy pipelines.

12. Research and development in the field of technical ceramics for energy, automotive, metallurgical, chemical, aerospace and others industries

13. Analysis and case studies of energy economics and the development of energy strategies

14. Actions aiming at improving energy efficiency (energy audits in industrial plants).

15. Certification in conformity with standards of products intended to use in power systems.

The Institute’s research teams actively participate  in the realization of international research projects within Framework Programmes, Research Fund for Coal and Steel and other EU programs. The Institute of Power Engineering also carries out a number of national projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, National Centre for Research and Development and implementation works for the industry.

The Institute of Power Engineering offers cooperation in the development and implementation of new projects contributing to the development of energy technologies. It also provides high-quality expertise, technical research and analysis for the sake of energy sector.

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